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Versatile and capable, our mixing plants are divided into two sections, with our Smart Plant devoted to data acquisition, real-time feedback, direct directions, flow rate and more; and our Conventional Plant with 60 bbl active tank, 40 bbl sleep tank, and rate capabilities of 13 bbl per minute.

Smart Plant

Features and Benefits

Data acquisition

Real-time feedback from anywhere

Direct injection or through the tubs (conventional and mixed)

Records rates on chemicals, incl. flow rate

Monitors chemical uses

  • Total for the job
  • Tracks the entire job from start to finish
  • Post-job reporting at the end of every well

Can be linked with our coil units

  • Shared data between coil units and mixing plant

Rate Capabilities

  • 11 bbl per minute


  • 11 bbl per minute


Features and Benefits

60 bbl active tank

True 20 bbl spacer markers

Rate capabilities

13 bbl per minute

40 bbl sweep tank

Dual hydraulic centrifugal pump


Our low-density formation bridging agent mitigates the challenges of low-pressure wells and brings back more solids from the well than any other afron system.
With longer fluid life than any other afron system, Flolight is the most cost-effective, efficient, and customizable afron system industry-wide.

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